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Outback Alpacas

Our Story

Outback Alpacas is a small, growing farm located in mid-Michigan.
It all began a few years ago when I had an idea to start on a journey to create a useful purpose for my land. My 14-acre parcel was in need of a little excitement. The addition of the alpacas has been so much more...
These magnificent creatures are curious, friendly, lovable, calming and enjoyable for all they come in contact with. They are also eco-friendly with their soft padded feet  and only front lower teeth to not damage the pastures. They don't eat much more than a dog, don't require too much attention other than water, hay & some supplemental grain, and of course the usual waste management. They do require annual shearing and monthly shots (in this area)  but this hardly seems like work while you're in their space listening to them hum or nuzzling you as you work. ​

Besides entertainment and companionship, their fleece is increasingly being used in the textile industry. Many products are created from their fleece to their waste.  Most popular items include anything from socks & dryer balls to compost. They are pretty good lawn mowers also.​

Watching them pronk or run around always makes me smile. It is a bit of a learning curve when you first get them but there are plenty of Alpaca Farm owners that are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.
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