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Meet the Outback
  Alpaca Family


I'm the only male cria of 2022.  I have a 1/2 sister sibling named Hershey. 

I'm very friendly especially if you have grain to give me.

I was given the name Buster because I was constantly running into other alpacas - on purpose.

Birthdate     05/16/2022

Color            True Black

Sire Color    Med Brown

Dam  Color  Med Rose Grey

Dam Name  Rosie


Hershey 2022 (same Sire)

Clay 2021 (same Dam)



I'm known as the Grain Specialist as I LOVE GRAIN. Actually I love to eat and make noises as I enjoy my food.

I'm also known as being a 'hose hog' when we get cooled down on hot days. I like to roll in the limestone after I get sprayed so my keeper can spray me again!

Birthdate     06/22/2012

Color            True Black

Sire Color    Med Fawn

Dam  Color  True Black


  • Genuine Joy 2017,

  • Peanut Butter Kisses 2018,

  • Golden Nugget 2019

  • Hershey 2022



I came to this farm to play with Zeke.  My Mom is Rosie.  I am a big fluff ball.

Birthdate     05/11/2021

Color            Light Fawn

Sire  Color   True Black

Sire Name   Behr

Dam  Color  Med Rose Grey

Dam Name  Rosie



Buster Brown 2022



I'm known for being very curious and cute. I won a blue ribbon in my 1st show and think I could be a model.  I like to kick up my heels and run.

I also like grain, a lot.

Birthdate     10/22/2018

Color            Medium Fawn

Sire Color    DF MF Light Fawn

Dam Color   Dark Rose Grey 

Dam Name  Violet