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  • ECO FRIENDLY - Easy on soil. Sustainable. Green processing

  • FLEECE TO YARN - Alpaca has no natural lanolin, cleaning is a more gentle process. No need for chemicals to clean.

  • MOISTURE WICKING - Draws wetness away from the skin.


  • VERSATILE PRODUCTS - Grade 1: High fashion fabric suiting, base layers, close to skin wear Grade 2: Fine to medium knit wear, men’s suiting, hand knitting Grade 3: Woven outerwear, machine and hand knitting yarns Grade 4: Socks, fine felting, and heavy woven outerwear Grade 5: Interior textile carpets and industrial felting.

  • USABLE MANURE- A low nitrogen great soil amendment.

  • ALPACA FLEECE - Comes in 16 recognized natural colors with hundreds of shade variations.

  • HUACAYA ALPACA - Huacaya fiber is a bright, crimpy, soft fiber, that is well suited to knitted, crocheted, and woven applications.

  • SURI ALPACA - Suri fiber is naturally silky, smooth, cool to the touch, with high luster. Suri has a natural drape which makes it perfect for flowing scarves, shawls, and gowns.

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