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Made in the USA! These socks are a great outdoor winter sock for work and fun, including:

·  Skiing / snowboarding

·  Hunting / fishing

·  Snowmobiling

·  Hiking / Camping

·  Construction / Fire / Police

·  Farmers / Ranchers

·  Motorcyclists / Mountain Bikers

·  Cold feet at home and in bed!

·  many other uses!


Superwarm Alpaca Socks, Black

  • If you’re looking for a healthy, eco-friendly clothing alternative to artificial synthetics, Alpaca stands alone as a naturally hypo-allergenic, pollution free and sustainable resource.

    Soft, comfortable, luxurious and very toasty warm, these breathable terry socks are as unique as... well, alpacas! A blend of excellent quality alpaca (50%), nylon and acrylic to offer the best of warmth, durability, wash-ability and comfort.


    • Naturally soft, luxurious, strong and warm alpaca sock
    • Alpaca vs. wool? Alpaca is warmer!
    • 50%+ Heavier construction than all competitors
    • Extreme warmth due to alpaca's hollow core fiber
    • Smooth hollow fiber = warmth and strength without itch
    • Alpaca is warm even when wet!
    • Soft cushion terry loop sock interior for cushioned comfort
    • Naturally breathable fiber wicks away sock moisture
    • Alpaca fiber naturally odor free
    • Machine washable and dryable sock (no shrinkage)
    • Strong durable sock construction for long lasting wear
    • Smart construction for support without constriction
  • Size


    Shoe Size


    Shoe Size

    Small 4-6  
    Medium 6-9 6-8.5
    Large 9.5-12 9-12
    X Large   13-16
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