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The following post is copied from an AOA (Alpaca Owners Association) AlpacaGram 10.64 dtd 10/18/23

Introducing the United Nations International Year of Camelids 2024

International Year of the Camelid 2024.jpg

We are excited to bring to your attention a significant initiative that directly concerns alpacas and their role in mitigating climate change. The United Nations has declared 2024 as the International Year of Camelids, and we believe that the inclusion of our beloved alpacas in this recognition is a testament to the invaluable contribution they make to our world.

Alpacas, as you already know, are remarkable animals for various reasons. One of their most notable attributes is their eco-friendliness, which has a significant positive impact on the environment and climate change mitigation.

By celebrating the international Year of Camelids, the United Nations is bringing attention to these remarkable animals and their role in sustainable agriculture, climate action, and more. We encourage you to participate and share your experiences and knowledge about alpacas with the world. To get started, reference AOA's Why Alpaca Poster.

Again, this is a unique opportunity to raise awareness about the environmental benefits of alpacas and their positive contributions to mitigating climate change. We look forward to celebrating this special year alongside you and your alpacas, as we collectively work to highlight the positive impact of these animals on the environment and the world.

Thank you for your dedication to alpacas and your contributions to a more sustainable future.

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