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Welcome to
Outback Alpacas

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Experience the
genuine American alpaca farm lifestyle

Located in Genesee County, Mid-Michigan, only 10 min from I-75 you will find Outback Alpacas. Our growing farm is nestled on 14 acres of  rural land, providing a tranquil home for 17 alpacas and other animals. They love visitors (especially children) and are extremely curious – which is handy if you're after a selfie. 

Shop in our alpacas store for high quality gifts, toys, soil enhancements, fleece products and more. Alpaca fiber offers a natural, lanolin free fiber that is luxurious, strong, hypoallergenic, naturally repels water, flame resistant and extremely warm. 


We are also open for scheduled tours, events and functions (by appointment only). 

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Meet the Paca Family

Our alpaca family boasts over 15 animals in all different shapes & sizes! From new borns to "Violet" our oldest alpaca! 

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